Goleman For Mayor!

Article By Madison Mullen

Jacky Goleman For Mayor

Current 6th grade social studies teacher, Jacky Goleman, works at Thompson Middle School and is currently running for Mayor of Quinlan Texas. One of our staff members, Elise Griffin, interviewed Mr. Jacky Goleman to find out details for this upcoming election and what difference he will make in our town.

The first question that Miss Griffin asked was

“ I noticed that you were running for mayor, what are your plans for the city during your 2 year term?”

Mr. Goleman replies,

“ I plan to try to entice business to locate in Quinlan to create jobs for our local citizens. A couple of new restaurants would be good for Quinlan. I hope to strengthen relationships between the city and its citizens through citizen involvement and to get our citizens to take pride in their community and their property by taking care of their property by mowing and cleaning up their yards.

The second question Miss Griffin asked Mr. Goleman was,

“Are you nervous about taking on a such difficult job?”

Mr. Goleman response was,

“No, I have been on the city council for 6 years and am knowledgeable about city operations.”

Question number three, “When will you know the results of the election?”

Goleman Replied, “The results should be around 11 PM on election day (Saturday May 9) The polls end at 7 pm- votes are taken to the elections office in Greenville.

The last question that Miss Griffin asked was, “What would you like to say to the people of Quinlan?”

And he replied, “I hope that all the citizens goes to the polls and vote on Saturday May the 9. It would be an honor to represent you as mayor for the city that I have lived in all my life.”

The Voting Election!

Saturday, May 9th, 7pm

City Chambers Quinlan Texas

The election will be held on May 9 2015 at the City Chambers in Quinlan Texas!

Hope to see you there

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