I will be talking about Canada (1st academic Social Studies)

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Where do people live in Canada and why?

Canada is a... harsh place, and I can understand why you might not want to live in Canada. Maybe because the climate there is very cold or maybe just that you don't like some of the things that they do. The climate in Canada can range from 35 degrees Celsius to negative 25 degree Celsius. They have their own national anthem called "O' Canada". Even though Canada is very cold there is a lot of trees. Maybe you like the view of trees next to a lake. Who knows, sometimes those kinds of views are pretty nice. But if you do want to live in Canada you should probably live near the U.S. border, which are countries like Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, etc. This because that's where most Canadians live in Canada. Canadians live near the U.S. border because first of all, that's where most of the other people are living, second of all, it's the closest to another country which allows Canadians to Trade with Americans, and it's the warmest place in Canada while still being in Canada. Just know that even though Canada will be pretty cold there is still some good reasons of why to living in Canada.

Canada's History.

Canada is special and unique. It has things that other countries don't have. For example Canada has lots of trees, lots of water, it is huge, it has two different languages influencing the country, and it is also pretty big in the timber industry. Speaking of lots of timber, this probably would've helped the first people to have ever found Canada. Like think about, they would've had to build a house, build a fire, get food, and get water. They have so much wood that they can build a house with it, build a fire as well, build a fishing poll to catch fish for food, and there is also lots of water surrounding Canada. Also, it's pretty suprising to see that the French found Canada first. This is because the English live pretty close to current day Canada (South America, Germany, United Kingdom, etc). I bet that since the French got to Canada first there were probably lots of different French people who were trying to get to this Newfoundland, but who did find Canada first. Well the two main people of the French to Canada was John Cabot and Samuel De Champlain. John Cabot found Canada in 1497 and Samuel De Champlain found Canada in 1608. And your probably like, "Now wait a second. You're here telling me that John Cabot found Canada sooner than Samuel De Champlain, but you still say that he is important." and it is hard to believe, but he did play a big role in the discovery of Canada. Samuel De Champlain found Quebec, the St Lawrence River, and new routes so that people coming from England, or more specifically, France, could easily get to Canada the fastest way. Samuel De Champlain did play a role in the discovery of Canada. Now, as you can see Canada is a diverse country and is special, and we should keep it that way.