Bongo musical instrument

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Bongos And Congas - Drums With a Difference

In case you are serious about beats, then you are certain to become enthusiastic about other instruments apart from the usual drums which will offer you the best beats. Properly then let us talk about bongos and congas in the family of drums.

Bongo is a smaller version of drums. Truly it is actually a compilation of two open-ended drums. These two drums are joined with each other. Drum heads are normally created of animal skins, but plastic created drum heads are also offered. The body is created of metal, wood and from time to time with ceramic also. Each the bongos are of different size. And for that cause each of them sounds distinctive. You must coordinate between each of them, to play it well.

A pair of basic bongos doesn't have those stretchable drum heads which will be tuned to play distinctive notes from diverse components. But the much better top quality bongos have this choice. Their heads are adjustable. These heads are fixed firmly with metal made bars.

The way of playing bongos is very exciting. You must use your finger strips, heel of your hand and thumbs. You may need to strike the heads with the help of these hand parts. Striking distinct spot in the head will generate diverse sound. Specific drum oil is necessary to defend the head with the bongo. Otherwise your hand and also the air will absorb all of the moisture of the bongo skin. This will make the bongo skin dry. It may also pave way for cracks.

The very best thing about bongo is that it really is modest, and not pretty a great deal costly. And when you understand how to play it and for those who have some mates who can play bongo, then you can form a band. If all of you play collectively some little groove then it's going to sound amazing.

Conga is almost like bongo. Nevertheless it measures quite higher in comparison to other drums. It is slim make and single headed. It's a Cuban drum but in all probability it can be derived from Africa.

The shells of most of the congas are produced of wood or fiberglass. The playing system of conga is just about like bongo. They are normally 75cm tall.

Congas are utilized in both popular and folk music. African music features a varied use of congas. This instrument can also be really common in Rumba, Afro Caribbean, Latin and salsa music.

Bongos and congas are practically similar kind of instrument. But former are smaller sized than latter. There sound isn't entirely equivalent however they will not be that significantly unique also.

Both are rhythm instruments. Their playing style is pretty much exact same. Both of them are very popular. They are able to be utilized in just about every type of music.

But you can find some distinction involving bongos and congas. African bongo drums are easy to carry. But congas are certainly not. Each of them possess a distinctive appear also. Congo just appears a larger version of bongo normally. But in the event you watch closely and minutely, then you can trace the distinction. But whatever could be the distinction is, it can be mentioned that each bongos and congas are brilliant instruments. And both of them can alter the way a specific song sounds.

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