Poetry Project

By: Jazmin Ramirez

I wish

I wish

I wish I had more hours of sleep

I wish I had no school

I wish I had a phone

I wish I had my own room, and privacy

I wish I had a true friend

I wish I had a talent

I wish I had more time to have fun

I wish I had a magic wand

to make all my wishes

come true.

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Candace the artist

A baby artist was bore in a palace

Mother And Father named her Candace

For them she was like the pearl of their eyes

Before she even knew how to walk

Candace began to paint and draw

She won several art competition

Candace became the first young artist

Painted the beauty of nature, butterflies

bunnies, bears, bees

She also painted painted people

walking, sitting, eating, standing

Candace became more famous that a model

Her paintings inspired new painters to paint

Candace the artist, the painter, the smartest

She painted whatever that could be remodel

Candace the artist

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Flowers have different colors like a rainbow

Roses are red

Violets are blue like blueberries

Clovers are pink

Daisies are sweat

Jasmines are me

I like flowers like flowers like me

Flowers are pretty, and pink

Flowers are everywhere, and I like flowers

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