Leprechaun Trap

By; Berniece McCorkindale


How can I make a Leprechaun trap on my own? And be able to catch one?


I think I am going to use a pulley. I think it would be great because when it climbs up the ladder it will try to pull gold down, but a string will be attached and when he pulls it, a flap will fold down and it will fall in.


First, I found a cylinder tube wrapped it with green paper and I also found some popsicle sticks. I glued them all together and I built a ladder. Then, I went and found a staple gun and put three staples in the top right of the trap. I used that for a pulley. Then, I cut a little slot in the middle of the lit and that would be were it fell in. And then we found some fishing string and used that for the pulley. After that, I found a little lucky charm that was plastic and I tied that to the string. Finally, I decorated the trap and I bout this duck tape that was green glittery and stripped the trap with that stuff. Then, I put FREE GOLD.


For my trap to work, it climbs up the ladder and tries to pull the lucky charm but, when it pulls the sting, but the string will pull tight and the little flap would fold down and the little leprechaun falls in before he can even escap.


I ended up using a pulley, and my hypothesis was right. And I actually added a little more than I thought I would.