Here's some helpful info to get you soaring....

Congrats on becoming a new OWL!! Get ready for the ride of your life!! You can do as much as you want with your new adventure! Here is a list of things to look at to get started. The Nest will be sending you info on PayQuicker (how you will receive your commission). To process credit cards on site, I use Pay Anywhere (Different then PayQuicker). There is a flat swipe fee. This is less expensive then Square Up or any other CC company I’ve found. You can use whatever you want, but I have found this to be the best.

Marketing Suggestions:

-Get business Cards ( There are a few different designs/cards you can choose from. The prices are comparable to other companies.

-Pay Anywhere (accept credit cards) Its FREE to sign up and they send you a card swiper for your phone/ipad

-Must have 1 WHITE OWL on your table….I found mine online Michaels Craft store has them sometimes..Owls are HUGE right now, so look around at your local stores…and use coupons : )

-Join my FB page, Team Believe FB Page & Tiffany Golden's FB page....Great Info on ALL!! (MY PAGE) (OUR TEAM PAGE) (TIFFANY GOLDEN'S PAGE, OUR MOMMA OWL)

Items you may want to order through your "Back Office"

SA1037B Table Cloth $30.00 is a great piece to have to help identify YOU and Origami Owl, but if you're watching your pennies until you make some $, then grab a teal blue plastic or cloth one to help set the tone. You can ALWAYS use a WHITE tablecloth too!

SA7009 Take Out Menu $ 12.00-NEW FALL "TOMS" (Take Out Menus as they are referred to) WILL BE IN YOUR KIT


DS1002C Large Linen Bust $14.00


MT1002 Order Forms $ 7.00
SA3000 Living Locket Cleaner Kits $ 8.00
PG8001 Charm Case $ 5.00
SA2004 Clipboard/Binder $ 8.00

SA2002 Business Card Holder $10.00

SA1058 Vintage Weekender Bag (I have this and LOVE it!!) $42.00

*These ARE NOT required, but are very useful! Maybe purchase after you get settled and are making orders!

- Get the E-Sig (

Supplies for your Jewelry Bar

- Order Forms and Take Out menus (from the business supplies in the back office - once you run out of the start kit supplies)

- You will want to generate address labels for use on the back of the menus, your "To Go" boxes and invoices. Be sure to include your Name & Company Name (if you've chosen one, but not necessary), Cell #, web address & email address and Facebook address if you have one.


Your commission is the same rate of pay: when you do a JB (jewelry bar), and you collect the $$ through PayAnywhere (or whatever credit card swipe company you use), you are paying wholesale when you upload the orders - as you’re keeping your commission and paying the total less commission.

Online order commission is paid based on a Sun-Sat schedule - you get paid the following Fri to your PayAnywhere acct the full-uncollected rate - typically an average of 40% depending on what your customer buys…


Visit to understand how to actually process your orders!! Heather has amazing videos! Check her out!!

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