*Zen at the Glen*

The MGM Counseling Center invites you to Zen at the Glen!

Zen at the Glen is coming soon! *November 5th-9th*

Your MGM Counselors have planned a week-long event focusing on stress/anxiety management and suicide prevention. Based on our student needs assessments, anxiety, worry, and stress rank among the top concerns of our students. Last year, MGM counselors completed the most suicide risk assessments in the month of November. Therefore, we want to share with students and staff healthy ways to cope with stress.

Week-long agenda:

Monday, Nov. 5th: 8th-grade: Suicide Prevention Counseling lesson in Theatre

6th & 7th grade: CREW Lesson 1

Tuesday, Nov. 6th: No school

Wednesday, Nov. 7th: 7th-grade Suicide Prevention Counseling lesson in Theatre

8th-grade: CREW Lesson 1

6th-grade CREW Lesson 2

Thursday, Nov. 8th: *Zen at the Glen Stress Reduction Fair (Normal Non-Crew Day Schedule) in Cafe

1st period: 8:10-9:10 - 8th grade

2nd period: 9:13-10:10 - 6th grade

3rd period: 10:16-11:10 - 7th grade

*Zen at the Glen Faculty drop-in for teachers in Counseling Center

Friday, Nov. 9th: 6th-grade Suicide Prevention Counseling lesson in Theatre

7th & 8th grade: CREW Lesson 2

*Crew Leaders: Please bring your CREW to the theatre as soon as announcements are over

Zen at the Glen Thursday Agenda:

Students: Cafe Stations:

1st period: 8th grade: 8:10-9:10 a.m.

2nd period: 6th grade: 9:13-10:10 a.m.

3rd period: 7th grade: 10:16-11:10 a.m.

Station 1: Mindfulness & Breathing

Station 2: Active Play

Station 3: Yoga & Relaxation & Pet Therapy

Station 4: Positive Words & Laughter

Teachers and Staff: Counseling Center Stations:

*During your grade level planning come enjoy massages and sweet treats in the Counseling Center!