Units of Study Writer's Workshops

Diving into the Lucy Calkins Units of Study Materials...

Welcome AMS & YPS Teachers!

Units of Study in Opinion/Argument, Information, and Narrative Writing - A Common Core Workshop Curriculum.

The series that helped hundreds of thousands of educators revolutionize their primary and intermediate writing workshop instruction is now offering the grade-specific support teachers have been clamoring for. Building on the best practices and proven frameworks in the original Units of Study for Teaching Writing series, this new series by Lucy Calkins and her colleagues from the Reading and Writing Project offers grade-by-grade plans for teaching writing workshops that help students meet and exceed the Common Core State Standards.

The Reading Writing Project, Teachers’ College, Columbia University

As we become acquainted with the Units of Study writing curriculum, it will be helpful to work with colleagues to implement Writer's Workshop. Battle Ground Public Schools is offering a series of introductory workshops to explore the Lucy Calkins materials.

Presenter: Sandy Grim

4:30 - 6:30 PM @ LVMS


  • Session 1: 01/27/15 - Introduction to Writer's Workshop, Units of Study
  • Session 2: 02/24/15 - Units of Study Overview
  • Session 3: 03/17/15 - Units of Study - Unit 1
  • Session 4: 04/21/15 - Units of Study - Unit 2
  • Session 5: 05/19/15 - Units of Study - Unit 3

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