Computer Lab Ideas

January 2014

All grades

Acts of Kindness

Students can collaborate with each to come up with a list of acts of kindness they can do around school and at home. allows you to create a wall with sticky notes. The teacher will go to the website and "build a wall". This will then give the teacher a web address they can share with the students. Each student on their own computer will visit the site and add a note to the wall of an act of kindness they can do. For younger classes the teacher can create the wall and add the notes for the students as they come up with ideas. If you not able to get to a computer lab then bring up a wall on a computer in your classroom and let your student go up to the computer throughout the day and add idea.

Kindergarten - 2nd grade

I have a dream...

Ask students to reflect on the ways that they dream the world could be a better place. Students type inside the speech bubble on the template describing one or more dreams they have to make the world a better place. Students increase the font size to make their sentences easier to read. Students can change the font style to personalize their work. Students add their name. Students save and or print their finished "I Have a Dream" sheet.

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Spelling and formatting practice in Word

Students open Microsoft Word, type their name, and then type a list of spelling words. Teach students how to push the enter key to get to the next line. Show students how to highlight all the words and create a bulleted list. Then demonstrate and have the student practice the following...
  • Bold
  • Underline
  • Italic
  • Change the color of the letters
  • Change the text highlight color
  • Change the font size
  • Change the font style

This is also a good opportunity to teach students about saving their work.

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3rd - 5th Grade

I Have a Dream poem

Students complete the following I Have a Dream poem. You can either share the template below or have the students copy it from the screen.
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Weather graph using Excel

Go to, search for any city, and then click on 10 day forecast. Open Excel and select new workbook. Starting with the second row, one cell over, type "Day 1" then tab to the next cell and type "Day 2". Continue adding days until "Day 10". In the 1st cell on the 3rd row type "High" then press the down arrow on the keyboard and type "Low". Using the website fill out the highs and lows for the city selected. Once complete select all the cells containing information. Click the Insert tab and select line chart. After the chart has been inserted you can resize and move it. Be sure to change the chart title by double clicking on the words "chart title".

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Contact your friendly ITRT for help with any of the lessons you see here or any ideas you have for a lesson. :)

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