Water Health Life

Just one of most things we take for granted

All around the world today two out of twenty five of us don't have access to clean water.

Millions of lives are lost every year due to preventable diseases.

The dramatic change we could make to prevent theses diseases by providing clean water to more of the poorer countries would save many lives.

Suffering of diseases

One child in every 20 seconds... 4,000 children every day... 1.5 million every year...

These are how many children are dying from diarrhoea due to lack of clean water sanitation.

Many others die from cholera and typhoid, Mosquitos also carry malaria that feed and breed in dirty waters.

Women and girls pay the price

The lack of clean water can harm many people and at most times, kill them, but, the responsibility of transferring the harmful water into the lives of many vulnerable people falls to the women and girls. Having to carry the dirty water up to six kilometres from the nearest water source pulls a threat, not only are they walking for most of the day, but they run the risk of assaults or getting bitten by a snake.

We can do something about this🌊😱!!!!😃

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We can all do something to help