Skills And Characteristics

Definition of an Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is someone who has an idea or innovation to create a product or business and the determination to keep it running and hope to make it successful. They take on financial risks in hope of a profit.

What do you need to be a successful entreprenuer?

To be a successful entrepreneur you need to have skills and characteristics of all types-Characteristics:

The largest characteristics needed in my eyes would be risk-taking. To be successful you need to be able to make quick and crazy decisions about new ideas to see what the result will be and whether it will work. You will also need to be hard working and passionate. If you have no passion or do not strive for excellence you and your business will fail due to the fact that you wont work hard enough. Another quality you will need is confidence. If you are not confident there is a high chance you will not be taken seriously when presenting your ideas or business plan. Confidence in yourself and your ideas could be the key to getting a loan to start your business. You will also need to be charismatic- this goes with being confident. Without charisma you wont get much help financially. Putting on a big smile does wonders! Lastly, you will need to be creative; you will need to think of your idea and market it in creative and fun ways.


You will need the ability to learn from others; you need to understand that just because its your business and you want to run it your way, it doesn't mean you know whats best. Sometimes it better to take advise from someone on the outside and take their ideas into consideration. To be able to do the above- you will need to have good communication skills. Just talking to people in the correct manner can effect a sale or on the of chance the whole business. Another way to help sales is to be good at marketing. If you can not set up the correct market or advertisement for your business you will not gain many sales. Lastly, you will need to have good leadership skills. Starting and owning a business can be stressful, especially as you will need to direct workers to do what you want. They work for you which means you need to know what you are doing.