Friday "ROAR"

Killian STEAM Leader's- Friday, December 4, 2015

Killian Elementary Core Beliefs


We believe all students are capable of learning, especially when provided authentic and engaging opportunities.


We believe teachers facilitate student learning by creating positive and effective classroom communities and by collaborating with colleagues and parents.


We believe parental involvement is a significant component to students’ academic performance and success.


We believe developing partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and the community is important to our school’s success.


We believe 21st Century learning is best achieved in a nurturing, authentic, and collaborative environment.


We believe administrators’ support is necessary to empower faculty, staff, parents, and the community to prepare 21st Century learners.

Impact Aid Forms

We are still collecting Impact Aid forms. As of today, Mrs. Vermillion, Mrs. Hopewell, Ms. Booher, and Mrs. Mack's students have won the popcorn and juice party. They are also the only classes that have submitted 100% of their forms. Second grade and fifth grade, you still have a chance to win the party!! Also, remember the first grade level to submit all of their forms will win an icee party!! If you need additional forms, they can be found in the box on Ms. Gore's office door. Thank you for your help in this process!

Monday, Dec. 7th PD

The topic for the PD session will be:Classroom Management, Environment, and Relationships

The essential questions we will be looking at are:

1. At the end of each school day, what do I want my classroom to have looked, sounded, and felt like to my students, to me, and to anyone that walked in the door?

2. What are some strategies that I can use daily to ensure a successful day for each of my students and for myself?

Leader in Me

December's Habit- Habit #3- Put First Things First

Here is a new chant idea for lining up:

As our Third Grade class prepares to exit the classroom we say the following chant. We begin in a normal inside talking voice and end in a whisper as we get to the last line. After our chant, we know it is time to be silent as we get ready to pass other classrooms. Our Third Grade Covey Habit Chant at Belmont Elementary 1, 2 Covey Habits for you. 3, 4 As we go through the door. 5, 6 Even when we mix. 7, 8 We will be great! 9, 10 It's a Win-Win! We discuss how going "through the door" means any door as we enter the building or exit the building. "Even when we mix" refers to when we mix with other peers outside of our school that may not be aware of the Covey Habits. Our students want to be leaders as they go through any doorway.

Good Powerpoint for Habit #3 for grades 3-5:

Morning Meeting

Each grade level was issued 2 new Morning Meeting books last month. Please share them among your team members to help you plan your morning meeting activities, discussions, messages, etc.

Quote of the Week

"Change your thoughts and you can change your world."- Anonymous


We appreciate your support for Boosterthon. While it might take a few minutes away from normal instruction, it does provide some character development moments for our students. Additionally, the funds will be used for a cause that will benefit teachers and students.

Science Visit- Ed Emmer

Ed Emmer had a number of positive comments about what he saw happening during science instruction this week. Thank you for providing these meaningful and rigorous learning experiences.


- Thank you first grade for inviting us to visit your classrooms this week. It was great seeing the work you are doing as a team to address the needs of all your students in such a collaborative manner.

- A big thanks to Kindergarten as well for inviting us last week! You are all appreciated for all you do each and every day!

- Thank you to Mrs. Geddings and Mr. Jenkins for getting our Robotics Team up and running!

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Meet Cameron Miller, a junior Dr. Scotland!

Weekly Progress Reports

Please be reminded each teacher is to send home a weekly progress report to every parent every week. The forms are available in the front office when you need additional copies.

Consider This...

What we say to students is very important. How we say it to students is even more important. Please take time and ensure words and tone are always appropriate and you would not mind your words and tone being played on the 6:00 PM News or for the child’s parent to walk up and hear you. Also consider if you would be ok with someone speaking to your own child in that manner.

Emergency Preparedness

Please review procedures for all emergency drills. We will conduct a drill in the near future. Be sure to become familiar with the procedures for each code.

A Closer Look

PE Rotation Week

Monday, Dec. 7

Boosterthon Team Day 5- Humility

Full Faculty Meeting

Tuesday, Dec. 8

Boosterthon Team Day 6- Confidence

2nd Grade Field Study- EdVenture (partial)

PBL Planning w/ Alicia Peletz- during planning

Wednesday, Dec. 9

Book Fair

Boosterthon Team Day 7- Endurance

Lighthouse Team Meeting- 3:30-4:30

Thursday, Dec. 10

Book Fair

2nd Grade Field Study- EdVenture (partial)

Boosterthon Fun Run Day!

Beta Club Meeting- 7:45-8:10

Sixth Grade Magnet Night- 6:00-7:00 pm

Friday, Dec. 11

Book Fair

2nd Grade Field Study EdVenture (partial)

Killian Holiday Pot Luck Party

Looking Ahead...

Guidance Rotation Week

Monday, Dec. 14

Book Fair

RTI Meetings 3-5

PTO General Meeting- Winter Program- 6:00-7:00 pm

Tuesday, Dec. 15

Book Fair

RTI Meetings K-2

Wednesday, Dec. 16

STEAM Advisory Board Meeting- 3:30-4:30

Thursday, Dec. 17

$5.00 Boxed Jewelry Set Sale

Friday, Dec. 18

Winter Music Program- 8:30-9:30 am

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Techie of the Week!

Ms. Nelson began a Science and Writing lesson using Google Docs with her 2nd graders. The students created journal entries about Gravity and also learned how to use the spell check feature. Even better, she set her students up for success by having the student go to their Hapara Science Folder before opening the document to promote digital organization. Her students were proud and used the LIFE SKILL of Cooperation.