By:Arianna Javaras


The image below demonstrates what family looks like because it shows how all the people are happy with the new car and are all enjoying themselves on their front lawn looking at the car.
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The pictrue below demonstartes the idea success because in the newspaper is shows the new happy couple and the bride with her "beautiful new wedding ring", and this shows success because the diamond company has made a successful sale to a happy couple.
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the picture below displays the New Treir Community as being a confromity. In the clubs below only young men join the club besides the on young lady.
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Teen in the 1940s

If I were a teen in the mid 1940s facing a constant barrage of expectations and values from society and i was not able to fit in i would feel very worhtless and very different. My feelings would be very confusing. I would feel judged and having thhe feeling that im not able to fit in the normal society. I would speak to family members who understand you better than any other person because if I were to talk to a fellow peer, I may be judged by he or she for my differences.