Marcus Doll

Mediator- INFP


When I finish college, I hope to go into the Engineering field. Engineers are creative and usually work in groups with other professions to accomplish projects. My personality reflects this well.


-Guided by my beliefs: I go regularly to church, I am inspired to live out my faith in everything that I do

-Creative: I designed a boat for next year's cardboard boat race

-Listener: I try to listen and understand what and why people do what they do

-Compassionate: I love serving others and helping, what I lack in human communication, I make up in actions

-Cooperative: I work in groups well, taking in ideas and trying to cooperatively come up with the best solution

-Flexible: I am actively able to adjust to different situations, change is usually a good thing

-Imaginative: I like to think about anything that catches my eye: buildings, water, and physics to name a few