Persian Military

By: Nathan Artt


The Immortals were the heavy infantry for the Persian army.

If any of the infantry were killed in battle they were automatically replaced by trained men.

The Immortal were the elite army consisting of 10,000 soldiers.

They were the best soldiers well dressed with elaborate robes and much gold jewelry.

The Immortals were so highly though of that they were allowed to bring servants and women with them, and received specially made food that was different than what the other soldiers got.

Whenever they were not fighting in the wars they were assigned as Imperial Guards for the Empires.

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The Immortals received the best weapons and armor.The other warriors used whatever they could afford to buy for themselves, as no weaponry was provided for them.

Bow and Arrow– Were the core weapons used by the Persian army. Most soldiers carried them allowing rapid fire on foot or horseback. However, this would slow down the enemies attach but not usually kill them.

Thrusting Spear – A favorite weapon that was about 7 feet long.It was used in close combat for killing the enemy.

Akinakes – This sword was about 20” long and worn in the right hip close to the soldiers fighting hand. This was used for stabbing the enemy. This weapon was designed primarily for the Immortals.

Spara – A shield made or reed or wicker, covered with leather. The soldiers would hold their Spara’s up to make a wall to shield the Archers while firing.

Linothorax – Armor made of glued layers of linen worn by the Immortals.


Royal Road – Was an elaborate road that ran from Ephesus to Susa. The road went through mountains, forests, and deserts. It was a packed dirt road that was pretty straight and resistant to water. There were 111 stations along the road that provided guards, mounted couriers, horses, food and water. The road was primarily used to get messages from one place to another; however it was also used by the military to take breaks while traveling and allowed them to quickly travel to meet an enemy invasion.

Projectile Attacks – The Archers would hide behind the Spara and use them as protection while shooting bow and arrows at the enemy

Shock Attacks – After the Archers fired their bow and arrows and the enemy scattered, the Calvary would use their speed and close the battle lines and bring an assault to the opposing troops.

Chariot Attacks – Were used in later Persian Empires and allowed a quicker advance on the enemy while shooting the bow and arrow.

Foot Soldier – Is a slower advance because of the armor and equipment they were carrying. However, their armor and equipment allowed them to finish the job in close quarters.