The Indian Subcontinent

Designed by Eva Lamb


The geography of India is absolutely breathtaking. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look up at or down from the highest point on earth, a stunning twenty-nine thousand feet, Mt. Everest might well be the most beautiful thing you ever see. If you want to have a nice view of India, or you could go swimming in the Arabian Sea. Its so refreshing and enjoyable; it'll be like bathing in liquid gold. As soon as you step on the ground of India, you'll be greeted by warm smiles and the delightful smell of the fruits and features of India.

Animals of India

one of the highlights of your visit will be the animals. There are many amazing animals, unique to India. If you come to India, you will get to see many beautiful and cute wild animals, including monkeys, rhinos, elephants and more! The animals of India really are amazing.

Ancient Sites of India

The history and ancient sites of India are so realistic it will feel like you're actually there! India is home of the Ancient Runes of Mohenjo Daro and Harappa, two historically amazing places. Harappa and it's citadel are located in modern Pakistan, and Mohenjo Daro has a big wall and many granaries. You may think that history is boring, but not India's history!

India Today

India today is still breathtakingly beautiful. 85% of the people are Hindu, 15% Muslim. There is a very dense population, and many stores where you can buy souvenears, and other things. The people are very kind, and will gladly teach you about India and their interesting religion.


There are many interesting books about India. With so much beauty and quality, how couldn't there be any books on India? Some of the top India books are Shantram, by Gregory David Roberts, India After Gandhi, by Ramachandra Guha, and India Unbound, by Gurcharan Das. After reading these books, you will be dying to visit India!

Traveling Tips

-Get out of the city to avoid the dense population and enjoy the beautiful nature of India

-Watch what you eat and drink, your stomach may not be used to it

-Don't be too precious about your personal space, the people of India may ask personal questions, but it is merely about their polite interest in you

-Dress the right way; don't expose too much of your arms and legs and remove shoes before entering a house or sacred place

-Feet are considered dirty in India; apologize if you touch anything with your feet

-Stay safe; don't go walking late at night and don't carry large quantities of cash

-Be prepared for noise

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