NCE 5th Grade Newsletter

January 13, 2016

NCE Open House

Thursday, Jan. 14th, 5:30-7pm

Nottingham Country Elementary, Houston, TX, United States

Katy, TX

Tired of hearing "Nothing" when you ask what happened in school? Come in and see what we do all day. You may stop in to your student's classes, check out the specials classes, and visit the book fair. We will have activities for you and your students to work on, and your student can earn a "no track" pass for showing you all of their classes. Teachers will not be conferencing with individual parents at this time, but sign ups will be available for future conference dates.
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Orders are due by Friday, January 22.

Reading Round Up

This week we learned about the 5 expository text structures: compare/contrast, problem/solution, sequential, cause/effect, and description. Over the next few weeks we will discuss in depth and practice identifying text structure in the articles we read. Please help your student remember to have an expository (non-fiction) text with them daily to practice with during independent reading time.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the PTA for providing us with a fantastic new resource! We have received a subscription to Storyworks Magazine for each student. Each student has their own copy, so we are able to mark the text and use it for homework. The students have enjoyed working with this engaging text- it even has embedded videos that we can watch on the SMARTboard! Without our generous PTA, I wouldn't have this valuable resource.

Students may access the current issue and all past issues from this year online. There is a Storyworks app for Apple devices, and all devices that have internet access can go to In the upper right corner, you will need our class password- mata5th . Happy reading!

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Writing Notes

This week we spent time discussing text features. The students played text feature BINGO. We also began brainstorming for our next major writing piece. The students will be creating their own magazine article. The writing piece will need to be a topic that they are an expert in. This will not be a research project, so they will need to have a lot of background knowledge on the topic that they choose. I am excited to see the students write a piece that is close to their hearts!

The 5th Grade Team

Mrs. Griffin

Mr. Krauklis

Ms. Lauden

Mrs. Mata

Home Access Center Instructions

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Math in a Minute

Welcome Back! I hope you all had a wonderful break and were able to enjoy some time with your friends and family. Thank you so much for all of the thoughtful cards and gifts. My family especially enjoyed the sweet treats and gift cards and I will be enjoying the candles, soaps, and lotions for months to come. I truly appreciate all of your generosity.

Last week we finished up our fraction unit with whole number and unit fraction division. The students learned how to draw models to help them when dividing. This week we are working on identifying additive and multiplicative patterns and plotting them on a coordinate grid. Student will receive homework tomorrow that will be due on Friday. It is also available on Canvas if for some reason it doesn't make it home :)

From the Science Lab

We are have been working on fossils and what they can tell us about the past. Next up, we will be learning about alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, hydropower, biomass, and geothermal. We will discuss the pro's and cons of each as we solve all of the world's energy issues.

Social Studies

We are starting the new year studying the Constitution. Students received their log in information for the online game "Do I Have a Right" on the iCivics website. You can click the link below to access the game.

iCivics is a non-profit organization dedicated to reinvigorating civic learning through interactive and engaging learning resources. Our educational resources empower teachers and prepare the next generation of students to become knowledgeable and engaged citizens.

Founded and led by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, iCivics provides students with the tools they need for active participation and democratic action, and teachers with the materials and support to achieve this.

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