St. Louis Preschool Newsletter

April 2016

Parents Corner

In the month of April we will be doing a lot of transition work. This means we will be building on to tasks to make them more challenging. The children will do multiple step directives and will begin to work independently. I promise they are ready to handle it! Every opportunity to get outside will be taken, so please have your child dressed to play!

Important Dates

3/31 Mrs. Lents 7th grade readers

4/6 Ronald McDonald show at the big school 1:30

4/14 Mrs. Lents 7th grade readers

4/22 Mad Cap Puppets at the big school 1:40

4/28 Field Trip to Spanish Teacher

4/29 Field Trip to Spanish Teacher

God In Our Lives

The most important aspect of our religion program is that the children know God and His Son Jesus love them unconditionally. We try very hard to make the conversations about Jesus as casual as we can. I want them to feel like He is a real person. Simply asking them, “What would Jesus do?” can really have an impact on their behavior. We spend a lot of time trying to catch them doing something nice. It isn’t that hard to find! The Tues/Thurs children will color a picture of the globe and add their hand prints during Ww week for the song, “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands.” We do Change the He to We meaning He expects us to care for the world.

Worry Angels

The letter Ww gives us an opportunity to explore the world of worry. Everyone worries, even children. We will talk about what worrying feels like and what we do to stop worrying. The PreK children will make a worry angel. Worry dolls come from Guatemala. The idea is that you tell your worries to the doll before bed and place the doll under your pillow. By morning the doll and your worries are gone. We will modify this fable by having the doll be an angel. We will have the children tell their worry to the angel, put it under their pillow and the angel will take the worry up to God and be back under their pillow by morning.

Alphabet News

Umber u. Umbrella Bird

We will listen to the story of Queeny Q. Quail and Umber U. Umbrella bird and their “quality” friendship. This is a review from the letter Qq week, so we will be sure to ask some comprehension questions. The Tues/Thurs children will create an umbrella picture complete with rain drops. The M/W/F children will watch a short video on underground animals and create a page to remember our lesson.

Vincent v. Vampire Bat

I try and make the children understand how important Vincent V. Vampire Bat is to the food chain. Not very cuddly…but important. We will serve carrots and dip as a veggie snack. Both classes will be doing a science experiment making a volcano! It is always a big hit. The PreK children will talk about visiting God’s House.

Willie w. Weasel

We will eat waffles and vanilla wafers to celebrate Willie W. Weasel week. This is the week the PreK children will create their Worry Angels and all the classes will sing He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands. We will talk about how the world is really in our hands to protect and nurture.

Xavier x. Fox

This week I borrow wooden and metal xylophones from our music department and we all take turns making beautiful music. We will get out our X-rays to see what is inside our bodies. The letter Xx is a tricky sound but an easy one to write.

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