January 17, 2014

School Goals Survey

It is time again to review our school goals:

1) school-wide behavior plan

2) improved communication among all stakeholders

3) clear and consistent administrative support

The link below will take you to the survey. As with the first survey, your responses are anonymous so let us know your thoughts and suggestions as we focus on continuous improvement. I will leave the survey open for one week then publish the results for your review.

Round Two...GTES

Upon completion of your mid year conference the second cycle of observations will begin. Teachers will have two brief observations leading up to an unannounced formative observation which must be completed by March 31, 2014.


As we begin the second semester, one area I would ask for your reflection is Standard 10 - Communication. Are you communicating well with parents, colleagues, students? Perhaps it's time to review the behavior plan with your students and communicate your academic and behavior expectations. Are there others ways to communicate with parents that should be considered ( Remind101...). The video below will provide additional information for your personal reflection:

Clean up, Clean up

Mr. Lyron's evaluation by the school district is coming up soon and I know that you would like to help him get a great score on his inspection. Please make sure students are picking up trash and leaving the room clean each day. Secondly, there should not be any items placed on the top of your DVD player. This can impact his evaluation. Thanks for your help.

On a similar note,

I recently read about a strategy used by an elementary teacher during clean-up time. She tells the students, "It's time for Rockin' Robin!" and she plays the video below. The rules are:

1) No talking during Rockin' Robin clean-up (unless you are singing...)

2) You must be seated when the song ends if you want to continue having Rockin' Robin clean-up days.

Thought you might want to try something fun and get the room cleaned at the same time. It would certainly be interesting to hear the entire school singing Rockin' Robin while they clean... :-)

School Calendar Changes

February 17 will be a regular school day (make-up day for the school cancellation on January 7).

March 14 will now be a teacher work day instead of a student/teacher holiday. This will change if there is another snow day between now and March 14.

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