Jim Carrey the joker is wild

By:Martin Knelman

the authors purpose

The purpose is to tell the life story of Jim Carrey and how he struggled to become successful actor/comedian.

"Carrey's success is the result of craftsmanship and hard-work, is the fierce hunger that comes from a desperate past"

Important concepts, principles and techniques.

A) Work hard to get to you goals- Jim worked hard his whole life even as a child practicing his act in front of his parents.

B)If yo apply yourself you will always gain one thing or another-When Jim was 14 he went to a comedy club with his father for the first time and his dad signed them both up to perform,even though Jim got boo'd of stage he was still happy he got the experience and the feel of it.

c)If you fail try again.-Jim had many failure but he kept going and now he is a house hold name.

greatest impression

At age 19, Carrey headed to Hollywood taking a huge step/risk leaving his family and trying to make it big, he got a role inn a t.v. movie and from there everything just started rolling towards his success.


i rated this book a 3 because it is interesting learning so much about a person you know of and getting to see deeper in to their life and know why they are the way they are. I think someone who likes to learn about people hard life success stories would like this book.

interesting passages

in the chapter "joining the club" Jim's father take them to a comedy club and signs them both up to perform, his father did really well and pleased the crowd but Jim in the other hand did terrible because he was to nervous he couldn't be himself and after that he learned just to be himself and be more outgoing.