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What is it made of?

The common tractor consists of many parts. These parts are; gasoline tank, throttle control, steering wheel, clutch lever, gear shift lever, high speed shift lever, splined rear axle, gear case, crank case, enclosed clutch, belt pulley, pulley brake, crank case breather, compression release valve, water supply and radiator, muffler and spark arrestor, air stack, and fuel tank.

Who and where was it invented?

The tractor was invented by Benjamin Holt in 1892 in a Northeast Iowa.

How does it work?

Tractors contain a large and powerful Diesel engine. You might think that since it has a Diesel engine that it's fast, but actually the tractor was built to pull heavy loads behind it. For example; if a farmer was wanting to cut a large amount of grass they might use a large grass cutter and attach it to the back if there tractor.
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What is it's impact on society?

Tractors have been a big part of agriculture ever since they were first invented. Originally, tractors were made to replace horses and other animals that used to pull carts and other heavy things. Now every farmer has a tractor to help out with there every day life and work.

How has it impacted the way that people use there resources?

Having a tractor not only makes it easier to move around heavy machinery, but it also decreases the amount of time that it takes to get something done because the speed of the tractor is greater than the horses that previously pulled the carts.

How has it impacted the way that people interact with others?

Tractors have made it easier for farmers to help each other out because if a farmer is in need of some heavy equipment then another farmer can lend them there equipment by bringing it over to them via tractor.
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How has it impacted where people are able to live?

Now that we have tractors, people don't need to live where animals can survive because they no longer need the animals because the tractor is more efficient when it comes to getting a job done on the farm.

What is the impact of your innovation on globalization?

Tractors have made it easier for farmers to get more done when it comes to there crops. This has helped them to be able to sell more and make more money. Because of tractors, the agriculture industry has been better than ever.
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