The Monday Message

Office of the Principal; Monday, April 4, 2016

Quote for the Week!

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago." -- Warren Buffett

Duty Roster

Click here for the Duty Roster

Monday - I Group on duty (PK Jones, K. Mays-Fowler, PM Duty)

Tuesday - R Group on duty (V. Sava, PM Duty)

Wednesday - M Group on duty (R. Crothers, PM Duty)

Thursday - O Group on Duty (D. Major-Murphy, PM Duty)

Friday - O Group on Duty (R. Jackson, PM Duty)

The Week Ahead

World Poetry Month World Gardening Month

Monday 4/4/16 - International Day of Mine Awareness, No Admin Mtg, Data Teams Certification Training (Jackson, Sava)

Tuesday 4/5/16 - Crew (8:20-8:50), Data Teams Certification Training (Jackson, Sava), No Team Meetings (use this time to organize your week and plan for instruction), Faculty Meeting (3:50pm, Cafe' - Mandatory Standardized Test Administrator/Monitor Training)

Wednesday 4/6/16 - International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, Crew (8:20-8:50), Data Teams Certification Training (Jackson, Sava), PITSCO Visit to IMS (8:00-10:00am), Principal's Mtg (12:00-4:00pm, DO Board Room),

Thursday 4/7/16 - World Health Day (Beat Diabetes), International Day of Reflection on the Genocide in Rwanda, Crew (8:20-8:50), Teacher of the Year Reception (5:00pm, Medallion Conference Center), C-Team Track Meet (4pm, Dutch Fork High),

Friday 4/8/16 - PBIS Mtg (8:30am, Odom's Classroom)

Tasks to Complete This Week!

Tasks to Complete This Week!

1. Re-energize your students so the final 41 days of school are highly productive

2. Teach like a champion all week long.

3. Continue working with your underperforming students so we can meet our goals.

4. Attend Tuesday's Faculty Meeting (3:50pm) - Mandatory SCREADY, SCPASS Training

5. Incorporate at least one of the Global Themes into your classroom activities, lessons, etc. Here is a great idea -

6. Everyone report to duty as scheduled. See roster here.

April Staff Birthdays

January Cisco – April 1st

Richard Geiger, April 7th

Jennifer Cook, April 8th

Deborah Ware, April 9th

April Herring, April 10th

Willette Wise, April 11th

Nancy Robbs, April 16th

Sandra Dupre, April 16th

Calvin Eargle, April 21st

Natasha Smiley, April 27th

Susan Day, April 28th

Please join me in wishing these amazing IMS staff members お誕生日おめでとうございます

(Happy Birthday in Japanese)!

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1. Dianne Falsetti- I learned last week that Mrs. Falsetti was the recipient of a Donor's Choose grant. It was the fourth time she was awarded a grant in the past few years. Mrs. Falsetti has been a wonderful addition to our school family. iAM so proud of Mrs. Falsetti for working so hard to acquire additional classroom resources. She demonstrates the type of new thinking and practices to get high quality outcomes and have demonstrated that in two distinctly different teaching assignments at IMS. Please join me in giving Mrs. Falsetti a huge iAM shout out.

2. Ms. Debbie Cullinan- For the past few weeks, Ms. Cullinan has been working diligently with several IMS stakeholders in completing our Annual Report to the People. This is a required document that must be completed by all schools in SC. She has coordinated entries, communicated with staff, arranged proofreading, and submitted to the district office. Take a look at the report below. It is an outstanding product that depicts our school in an exemplary manner. iAM so proud of Ms. Cullinan for doing all that she does to make our school shine. Ms. Cullinan has definitely embraced new thinking coupled with new practices to get new and improved results. Let’s give Ms. Cullinan a huge iAM shout out.

3. Hannah Goeckner and Clare Bellucci - Prior to the break, Ms Bellucci and Ms. Goeckner helped organize the Make a Wish Winners Challenge for the 3/24 Community Meetings. They bought supplies, met with students and prepared those students to lead this part of the Community Meeting tomorrow. Their leadership with our Beta Club has been amazing! iAM so proud of the work being done by Ms. Goeckner and Ms. Bellucci. When something needs to be done, they immediately jump into action and performs in an exceeding fashion. Please join me in recognizing Ms. Goeckner and Ms. Bellucci for their amazing work. Let's give them a huge iAM shout out.

4. All IMS Teachers and Staff - I want to take a moment and give all IMS teachers and staff a shout out for your hard work with Student-Led Conferences. I am really grateful for the time and effort that everyone took to make sure our students had a wonderful experience. I received so many positive comments from parents and community members. Additionally, we arNone of this would be possible without your unwavering dedication and support. iAM so proud of everyone for making this happen at IMS. You truly embraced new thinking and new practices in order to get new and improved results. Take a bow! You have helped us chart a new course for IMS. Please join me in giving everyone at IMS a huge iAM shout out!.

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Emergency Preparedness - As we return from Spring Break, take a moment to review emergency procedures with all of your classes to ensure they have not forgotten them and they we are prepared for any event.

Staff Attendance - Administrative Rule GCC-R states that leave cannot be used during the following periods of the year without written approval from the employee's site supervisor.

• the day before or after spring break holidays

Approval for leave during these days will be granted for emergencies and unusual circumstances, as determined by the site administration. If you have an emergency or an unusual circumstance for tomorrow (4/4/16), please email me so I can assist.

Closing Thoughts

Our closing thought this week focuses on the concept of getting back into work mode after a long break. When we return from extended breaks, I often hear teachers and staff members expressing difficulty in adjusting to the work day/week routines. As we begin navigating the final 41 days of school, our back-to-work/school adjustment becomes a critical one. During the break, I ran across an article that I want to share with everyone. It is entitled How to Get Back Into Work or Study Mode After a Long Break!

Coming back to work or school after an unusual break—whether it's just been three days or, lucky you, an entire summer—can be brutal. No more open-ended days. No more sleeping in. Here's how to avoid too much shock and ease back into productivity mode.

1. Start Your Day Right: Well-Rested and with a Good Breakfast - Whatever your habits were over the vacation, the first day back will be a lot less stressful if you've gotten a good night's sleep and have prepared everything you need the next morning so you're not rushing and can actually get something to eat. Worse comes to worst, you can make an egg in a mug in a minute, miso soup and eggs for a hangover remedy, or shake up some oatmeal in a jar.

2. Get Started Early or Carve Out Some Alone Time - I always found it overwhelming to have tasks thrown at me the minute I walked in the door at work, especially so after a long break. If you empathize with this, try to get to work or campus a little early so you can get situated before you're bombarded by coworkers, managers, or classmates, and before you have to dive right in to your classes or that next meeting.

What to do when you get to work and you've got a long task list and debriefing waiting for you before you've even taken your coat off? Just ask the person if you can have a few minutes to put your stuff away and take that time to get settled.

For students, try to get the lay of the land before you head to your first class.

3. Plan Your Day and Week - If you've got a few precious extra minutes of your day to yourself, use it to get organized and prioritize your tasks. Choose the most essential things you need to do and put them on your list, and schedule less urgent ones throughout the week. If you can delegate tasks, all the better.

For school success, creating a study plan and routine at the start of the semester is crucial. Use a planner or online calendar like Google Calendar not just to schedule all your classes, but also carve out your study times and project due dates, referring to your course handouts. This organizing part can get you back into the work or studying mindset and even get you excited for the rest of the week or year.

4. Start with Small Stuff You Can Check Off - If you're still feeling like you're only there in body, get a jump start by tackling just one small task. First have a list of tasks you want to accomplish for the day (see step 3), and make sure there's an easy (but still important) task on there at the top. Something as simple yet critical as following up with a contact on something discussed before the break works. There's nothing as invigorating as checking something off your list.

For students, your small tasks at the start of the year may be just to get oriented. Attend your first classes. Read the syllabi. Make sure you've got all the supplies and books you need (or make the notes and preparations to get them). You're off to a good start.

5. Tackle Email by Importance - If there's one thing that will kill your vacation mindset, it's looking at your email backlog, which can be overwhelming. Automatically deleting all email while on vacation is an extreme measure for this common problem, but there are many other ways to handle vacation emails.

To get out of catching-up mode, you'll want to make quick work of these emails. Set up filters for your email by sender and/or subjects to make sure you're not missing any important emails (Gmail's Priority Inbox filtering does a good job of identifying these for you). A quick scan of the remaining emails usually will be enough to help you delete the bulk email and then process the rest of the emails chronologically or by conversation or other sorting criteria. Just feeling like your emails are manageable and you've got a system for getting through them will make the transition back to work a lot easier.

6. Leaving Early and Other Tactics - Most schools start their semesters in the middle of the week to ease into the year, with shorter days in some cases. If you have flex time at work, taking a few afternoons off when you come back from vacation is a tactic we've noted before for getting back into work mode.

Here is the link to the full article for those that want to read it in its entirety,

Let's have an amazing week of teaching and learning. We are Crew, not Passengers!

Robert S. Jackson, Ed.S., Principal

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