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Is all this waste effecting things in our communities?

All the waste left over from our daily lives and factories is very harmful to humans, animals and plants. This waste left over can be liquids, such as, chemicals, etc. It can also be solids, such as, heavy metals and gases such as pathogens and other toxins, all very harmful to living things.

What is Industrial and Household Waste?

Industrial waste is the by product of industry and manufacturing and is considered all materials that are useless and left over. It has existed since the beginning of the industrial Revolution. Household waste is created by the discarding of uneeded or exscess household goods and materials. It is commonly referred to as trash or garbage and includes foodwaste ,packaging and household objects that are discarded.

Additional facts

Not all land waste is toxic

Household waste falls into one of four categories; flammable, corrosive, explosive, and toxic.

About 40% of all lakes in America are to polluted for aquatic recreation.

Nitrogen pollution in the Gulf of Mexico have created a "deadzone" approximetaly the size of New Jersey. (information provided by

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