Socio-Emotional In Young Adults





Mate selection

Engagement and Marriage

The decision to parent

Resolving Relationship Issues

Cultural Influences

Eriksons Theory of Developemtent

Effects on Heredity and Environment on Emotional Development

  • Environment

    • intimacy vs isolation key during young adult years

    • peers make a big impact as well as romantic relationships

    • family starts to have less of an impact

  • Heredity

    • start to mature with age and make own decisions

Life Event

  • finishing school

  • starting a career

  • engagement

  • marriage

  • starting a family

Role of Communication on their Social Development

  • communication is important to keep family and friend relationships that you have before a young adult strong

  • start looking for partner

  • working out issues with your partner

Effects of Morals on Social Development

  • start to develop own morals away from family

  • must talk with potential partner about their morals and if they match yours

Role of Nurturance on Social Development

  • may feel that they need families approval

  • may still need help from parents such as financial help

  • relationships with friends is important so they do not feel isolated