VCR 7 Presentation

Krishna Chopra

Fill in the Blank

Being a __________ throughout grade school all paid off in the end when the hardworking student found himself going to his top college with a full paid scholarship.
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dynamo (n.)

1. An electric generator.

2. An extremely forceful, energetic, or hardworking person.



  • dunamis, "power"
  • dunasthai, "to be able," "to have strength"

Synonyms & Antonyms


1. engine, motor

2. achiever, go-getter, risk-taker, doer, opportunist


1. no direct antonyms

2. dawdler, idler, loafer, deadbeat

VCR Exercises

Exercise 7A

8. D

Exercise 7C

4. dynamos

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Practice Sentences

In which of the following sentences is the word dynamo used incorrectly? (Hint: there may be more than one incorrect answer.)

A. After the power went out at her house, Sarah's family had to wait for the dynamo to kick in so that they could have electricity once again.

B. Determined to work his way up the corporate ladder, Brad proved that he was indeed a dynamo by working overtime and on weekends in order to get the work done properly so that he could eventually get a promotion.

C. The woman's dynamo nature allowed her to quickly make a reputation for herself as one of the top scientists in the field of pathophysiology.

D. In order to develop their characters fully, authors often create dynamo relationships, which the readers must follow through the course of the book, between their characters.