College Composition and Literature

A Portfolio by Taisia Zeger

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Pre-Write/Post-Write Essay

This is an essay that I wrote at the beginning of the semester and revised at the end of the semester. This essay is titled "To Grandmother's House We Go." I grew up at my grandmother's house and living there with her made me the person I am today.

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Narration Essay

This is an essay that I wrote about the first time that I met my mother in a very long time. This essay is titled "A Mother's Love." I chose this title because of the relationship that I have with my mother that is described in this essay.

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Editorial Essay

This essay is titled "School Lunch: Satisfactory or Disasterly?" I wrote this article about how Chillicothe School District needs to implement a new school lunch program to meet the needs of all students.

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Summary #1

This is a summary I did with my table group about titled "Society's Role in Beauty Standards." This is a summary over an article titled "The Ugly Truth About Beauty." In this paragraph we summarize the main points in the article and discuss them.

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Summary/Response Essay

This is an essay I wrote titled "The Cowardly Lion." This is a summary about lion hunting in Africa and my feelings on the subject I switched from my beauty article to this one because I felt this article was more interesting,

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Interview Essay

This essay is about Detective Brent Taney from Kansas City, Missouri. My class interviewed him about his life and his career and then wrote about it. This essay is titled "Detective Brent Taney: A Hero Without the Cape."

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Argumentative Essay

This essay was from my point of view. I titled this essay "The Perfect Body." My paper is about how social and cultural factors lead to eating disorders. This is a topic I feel very strongly about.

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Self-Reflective Essay

My Self-Reflective essay was written in business letter format and addressed to Dr. Watkins. I talked about what I had learned in English 101, along with some of my biggest strengths and weaknesses. I talked about how I could improve on my writing.

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Reflection On My Best Piece Of Writing
Top 5 To Do's To Be Successful In College Composition and Research

About the Author

The Author's name is Taisia Zeger. She is a senior at Chillicothe High School. Taisia plans to attend North Central Missouri College in the Fall of 2016. While there, Taisia plans to gain as many college credits as possible and enroll in the NCMC's nursing program. Afterwards, she wants to move to Springfield and finish her education at Missouri State University. Taisia wants to get her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and continue on to become a nurse in obstetrics.