Solahart Hot Water Systerms

Hot water from the sun


problem_power is really expensive. They wanted to find a way to heat water using the sun.what was invented ? Solahart hot water systems were invented.When was it invented?Solar energy was used to heat water in the 1800's. The first Australia made hot water systems were made in the 1950's.When was it made commercial? Hot water systems were made commercial in the 1960's.what is the history of the invention? -Solar energy first heated water in 1800's. -csiro in the 1950's made hot water systems that were 20% more efficient then other solar hot water systems. - roger morse was the main researcher at csiro in 1952. He wrote an installation manual that became the solar industries guide. -recommended that all state buildeings in hot tropical areas should have solar water heating installed.How does it work? solar panels are a flat glass cover set into a metal frame, tubes coted with a black metallic substance for absorbing heat. matenal was installed inside it to stop heat from getting out. They trapped heat capper tubes which heated up and traueled into a tank.