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El Carmelo Elementary School June 5, 2020

Construction Update

Construction Update

Dear El Carmelo Families,

As you drive by campus, you may notice the construction happening on the big field. As you know, we have been in the design and development phase of our new Multi-Purpose (MP) Room building for the last three years. The plans are expected to be approved by the Division of the State Architect this month and the District will put the project out to bid in July/August.

The new MP Room will be located next to room 21 on Ramona St. As a result, the portable, room 22, will be removed in June and replaced by a portable from Addison elementary school. This portable will be located on the big field in front of El Carmelo Kids Club.

Once the new MP Room has been built, construction will begin on remodeling our existing MP Room building. This building will be transformed into two classrooms and a small office.

Project Timeline:

  • Removal of portable room 22: June 2020
  • Installation of a portable from Addison: June 2020
  • Bid for new MP Room contract: July/August 2020
  • Construction of the new MP Room: May begin September 2020
  • Estimated length of the project: 2 years

Prior to school closure we had already started planning for multiple morning and afternoon recesses to accommodate the reduction in play space. Should we return in the fall, we will create a schedule that accommodates the reduction of play space as well as social distancing protocols to ensure student safety.

For more information take a look at the design update below.

Be well,


Design Update Slides

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