Hero Without a Cape

George W.

About My Hero

Who is capable of completing nursing school? Lots of people aren't but my mom isn't one of those people. Right now, my mom is in nursing school and she has been since I was in fourth grade, so about 4 years. She has had lots of ups and downs. For instance, she has gotten A's on exams that if she were to get worse than a C, she would fail that class. A downside would be the studying: losing sleep, missing important events, spending hours on edge studying for a test that would make or break her. I guess you could say pretty much all of her time is swallowed up from nursing school. That is just a small portion of what she does daily. She also has to care for her family. That is one of the reasons why she is to me a hero. She always makes it through every hardship no matter how hard. It isn’t a matter if she will make it. It is a matter of when she will complete it.

Hero Invitation

Dear Hero of the World,

We would like to cordially invite you to join the Hero League of the World. You have exemplified the traits of a hero to one or more people and are now eligable in joining the Hero League of the World. The Hero League of the World is a league of heroes assembled in one to use their powers for the greater good of humanity. If you join, this names you a member of this league and it grants you the power to use your hero abilities freely and unlimitedly. It would be our honor if you joined our league. We will be having a special ceremony for your award as our newest member of the Hero League of the World.


The Hero League of the World President.
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