by Brian Russell


Donatello was born in Florence, Italy in 1386 (specific DoB is still unsure). Donatello spent most of his time as a Renaissance sculptor in Florence, Italy where he was born. Donatello was educated in the house of the Martelli Family and had early artistic training in a goldsmith's workshop. He also worked in the studio of Lorenzo Ghiberti. His lifestyle was of a more Plebian tradition, he had excellent education and made a living working and training his artistic capabilities in a goldsmith's workshop. "Donatello was a Renaissance sculptor and created the famous statues David, the large marble figure St. Mark, and the seated St. John" (Encyclopedia of World Biography 1). Donatello's patrons included Cosimo de Medici whom gave him several commissions before he was exiled, and most of the churches gave him commissions as well (which funded most of his Saint sculptures).

Donatello's Work


"David possesses something of the graceful late Gothic feeling of a figure by Ghiberti" (Encyclopedia of World Biography 1). This quote gives us a feel for how one of Donatello's most famous works looked and how he intended it to be designed. As you might have guessed the statue of this article is named "David" and was created in Florence, Italy in 1408. This bronze statue stood as a religious hero, and a political symbol. This famous work expressed great humanistic qualities as it is one of the first male nude sculptures and is an actual statue of a human. This piece is so interesting to me because I find it amazing how a person can take a chisel and carve something this beautiful from a giant block of bronze. This famous statue currently resides in the "Museo Nazionale del Bargello" in Florence, Italy.

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