Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

August 7, 2019

Welcome Back!!

WOOHOOO, it has been an eventful summer.

We still have some changes possible, but I wanted to let you know the changes that we have so far.

1. We have a fantastic new second grade teacher, Mrs. Abby Nelson. She is a former student of Tustumena so she has to be great.

2. Mrs. Werner transferred to her long time goal of being a full time science teacher. She accepted a position over at RCA. We wish her the best.

3. Mrs. Hanson will be teaching sixth grade this year. So even though we will miss Mrs. Werner, the sixth graders will have a great year.

4. Mrs. Jackinsky will be teaching fifth grade with Mr. Mills. So the fifth graders are "In like Flynn," and are set to have an exceptional year.

5. Now for the hard news. Even though I had 4 different music teachers in the pipe, by the time we could offer the position, all of them accepted other positions.

6. What makes the "no music" news even harder is we will likely start the year a teacher short. The position Mrs. Jackinsky was going to teach, which included Quest, Intervention, and Art, will likely not be filled at the beginning of the year. There are a few teachers still applying for jobs, but non that I feel are a good fit for our school.

7. Back to the good news, our great staff is ready to go with no other changes except Mrs. Jones will be full time interventionist, supporting all grade level students to make sure no one falls through any cracks.

So, it is going to be a HOT year. Please get the kids ready by starting to have them go to bed at their "school day" bed time.

For our kindergarten students, please remember that the first three days are 1/2 days for them. Parents signed up last spring for mornings or afternoons.

Lots more going on but let's focus on having a great "end of summer."

See you soon,

Doug Hayman


Monday night, August 19th, 5:30 to 6:30pm.

Classrooms open at 5:30 and close at 6:15. At that time I will gather everyone in the gym for some introductions and some vital information. Please don't take off at 6:15, you will want the information. Thanks.