Things to help with football

Agility- You need agility to get around the defender or to dodge a person
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You need balance so that when the defender is rushing he doesn't push you down, it is useful so you can recover from that shove


You need to practice coordination to know where to put you feet and hands, this is important for when you are blocking someone or running the ball


Power is key when it comes to football, you need to be able to explode into your aponent. It is good to build core strength as well as leg and arm strength.
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Speed is important because you need tom be able to rush fast and run someone down.

Reaction Time

Reaction time is key for defensive players and offensive players as well you need to come off the ball and hit the opposing player off guard
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Mental preparedness

Before a football game or any game you need yo focused on that game and that game only. Don't think about how big your opponents are just think about the plays you are going to run.

Injury Reduction

This is a big thing in all sports, one thing you can do to help is to lift in the off season, and to build muscle so that you cant injure yourself as easy