October 7, 2015

NEXT STEP Open House October 27th

You are invited to join us on Tuesday, October 27th between 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm for our fall NEXT STEP Open House!

Yes, I am inviting you to our Open House. Why? Because this is your best chance to talk with the teachers your child will have NEXT year, or in two years, or high school....whatever time frame you are looking at right now. Things should change and grow every year so you want to have the latest information, not just the way Mrs. XYZ taught when your oldest had her (for example). We are offering the same information in each half-hour session, so join us when your winter parent sports meeting is done, or dinner is finished, or whenever, at 6:30, 7:00, 7:30 or 8:00 pm.

Watch for a separate communication next Monday that you can share with friends. Did I mention your friends...or neighbors...or co-workers...or family members? Bring them all along so they can explore Traders for their family. For more information contact

We KNOW You Need New Family Portraits: Yearbook Class to the Rescue!

Have your children grown so much you don't recognize them in your dusty family portrait one the wall? Never fear! The TPCA yearbook staff is happy to reinstate our annual fall fundraiser, in which we take family portraits for our TPCA staff and parent families here at TPCA.

This event takes place on Friday, October 30 from 4-7 pm in the mods, and on Saturday, October 31 from 9am-1pm. Take advantage of the opportunity to update your family photo while supporting the TPCA Yearbook Staff. Donations are appreciated, not expected. Participating families will receive a CD with their 5-8 poses. The staff is hoping to raise enough money to purchase updated equipment for their class.

The catch? You need to sign up for a time slot through Signup Genius. Just click here at YEARBOOK FAMILY PORTRAITS. Contact Mrs. Tooley with questions.

PTF Fundraising Auction Invitations are in the Mail

You should receive your soon if you haven't already. For the most fun you'll have this year you should plan to get your tickets NOW for this year's auction on Friday, November 13th. It's Game Night, it's great food, great fellowship, casual (no dressing up in a monkey suit or gown). Especially for our new TPCA families - this really is THE event you should put on your calendar. Silent, and a few live, auction items in all price ranges: $20 gift cards to vacation packages. Get some of your fellow classmates together, buy a table and let the bidding begin!

Writers Workshops Wreaping Wrewards

You are probably aware that we have a schoolwide emphasis on writing. Students are writing every day, and they love it! Elementary principal Mrs. Buchanan-Rivera is so proud of her students as they develop great confidence and skill in their writing.

Have you heard of student Digital Portfolios? These are online folders, of sorts, that contain evidences of student work throughout their school years. Better than that box you have in the closet with all of your kids' favorite stories, art, reports, etc. You can clearly see how each student develop skills and talents through the years - cool, yes?

Dr. Thomas Ho, Director of Technology Integration and Support, is moving us toward digital portfolios for all students. Here is the cover of a book produced by one of our kindergarten students. He's only five-years-old and his book has the story elements, with full sentences and thoughts, self-illustrated. All that professional development for our teachers is paying off for our students. And it's only October!

TPCA Early Childhood is now an official.....

...Unlicensed Registered Child Care Ministry! Huge kudos to our Early Childhood staff, led by principal Mrs. Veselsky. Of course, we all have always known they are the best staff and program around. Now the State of Indiana officially recognizes them, too. This is our next step toward full accreditation. Congratulations to our Early Childhood staff for all of their hard work, training and preparation!!

Inaugural 3rd/4th Grade Running Club Hits "MILE"stones

The TPCA running club finished its first season. Over the course of six weeks, 35 students logged 562 miles. The club ended with the students, their families, and two teachers (Mr. Day and Mrs. Guard=21) competing in the Hit the Bricks 5K race. Thanks for all the families and administrators who made the club a success! See the group photo below.

*TPCA started its first running club this year for all 3rd and 4th grade students, sponsored by parent Becky Wood, with the intent of each runner reaching their own personal cumulative goals and displaying good sportsmanship...all while having fun, making relationships, and trying their best. Many thanks to Mrs. Wood for her enthusiastic work with our students!

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Nifty News Bullets

  • November 1st. That's the upcoming due date for us to turn in our Box Tops for Education and Campbell's Labels for Education. I hope you are cutting all those labels off of your boxes and cans (Campbell's also include Prego, Swanson and Pepperidge Farms). Bring/send those in to our office or drop them off in the big white collection bin in our glass entry - bet you didn't know that's what that was for, did you?
  • CPR+: have you seen or heard about this instruction for our 5th - HS students? It's next week. They are NOT learning how to restart the heart in an emergency. This is Creating Positive Relationships +. What's that? It's a biblical, abstinence based sex education program that we have used for many years with our students. Check out their website - this is an amazing program taught at private and public schools all over the world. The difference for us vs. Zionsville, for example, is the "+" part ... the biblical and abstinence basis. More info was available in last week's TPCA Weekly Update - check it out.
  • Mr. Mojo, aka Travis Brown, is a national speaker on Anti-Bullying & Leadership. Travis is scheduled to some to Traders Point on Thursday, October 29th. There will be 2 student assemblies, staff workshop after school, parent presentation in the evening, and he will also meet with the 2 student councils for a leadership session during the day. Watch the TPCA Weekly Update, RenWeb and TPCA social media for more details and updates.

Pun of the Day

As his little ships sailed on, Christopher Columbus didn't tell his crew he felt constantly on edge.

(This is a tougher one...Productive struggle :) )

Rapid Reminders (things we really want you to remember)

  • K-12 Parent/Teacher Conferences - October 12-16
  • Fall Break! - October 19-23
  • NEXT STEP Open House - Tuesday, October 27 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
  • 8th grade "Bump Day" high school shadow experience - October 30th
  • Yearbook TPCA Family Portraits - October 30-31
  • PTF Fundraising Auction - November 13th