Gingko Newsletter

Week of January 25, 2016

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Hello Gingko Families!

This week we…

Played in the snow! On Monday we played in the yard with the Beech class. The yard was covered in fresh snow and we were so excited to play together! We made snow angels and snowmen. Over the rest of the week, we noticed the snow changing and melting. We continued to enjoy the snow together every day this week.

Used instruments to act out The Snowy Day with Sarah in Music.

Talked about people that can be part of a family. We came up with some great ideas and wrote them down. We started off with a small list but the list soon grew to include moms, dads, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, babies, stepparents, and foster parents. We then used paper to create puppets of different family members. We added our puppets to the block area, where we built homes for them during exploration.

Continued our pattern work and created more intricate patterns from linking cubes. We talked about “growing patterns” and created our own growing patterns as well.

Wrote about what we did in the snow and wrote our own pattern books.

Celebrated Layla and Isaiah’s birthdays! Happy birthday!!

Played Gingko Idol during morning meeting. Our host introduced each contestant, who chose and sang songs for the Gingkoes and the judges. The judges each gave a compliment to the contestant after their performance. The contestants were very brave and the compliments given were so thoughtful. It was a lot of fun!

Built rides during exploration. Lots of kids have been building haunted houses and other rides from hollow blocks during exploration. To build a haunted house, they use the blocks to create an enclosed structure. The ride workers collect tickets before riders enter. When riders are inside, they use blocks to close the roof of the house, bang on the roof and make spooky noises!

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At home you can...

Spend time talking about families. Share about different family structures and talk about different families you know. We will continue talking about parts of a family this week.

Play rhyming games!

Practice reading the sight word cards found in your child's book baggie.

Ask your child what they did in the snow this week.

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