Hand in Hand Daycare

Daycare for children of 6 months to 6 years

We Love Your Kids!

Our Story-

Our names are Aubrey Ruschhaupt and Emma Billeaud. We previously owned Reach New Heights Daycare and sold it to our cousin Lola because we had to move here to Texas. Reach New Heights Daycare is now called Together We Can Daycare in Oregon. We decided to own a new daycare here in Austin. So we talked to our contractor from Oregon and he came down and made Hand in Hand Daycare possible. We are both married and both have a child of our own who attend the daycare. Aubrey's little girl is 7 months and her name is Aiyanna. Emma's little girl is 8 months and her name is Mia. Both of us have a teaching degree, a nurses degree, and a business degree. So we are highly certified to keep your child safe here. Thank you for reading and please stop by!!

- Aubrey and Emma

Come to Hand in Hand!


Monday-Friday: 8:00-6:30

Saturday: 8:30-5:15

Sunday: 1:00-6:00

Hand in Hand Prices:

One child 6 months to 12 months- $310 per month

One child 12 months to 3 years- $280 per month

One child 3 years to 5 years- $245 per month

One child 5 years to 6 years- $200 per month

**One child late fee is $1 per minute, ($30 for 30 minutes) for children 3-6. Children 6 months to 3 years pay a $3 fee per minute, ($90 for 30 minutes)**

Every parent/guardian is expected to pay monthly unless given permission by one of the owners. You have 3 strikes then you are out. Unless you can make up for the missed costs. Once you sign up, you are in our computer to attend forever. That doesn't mean that you can't pull yourself out. If your child is sick or gone, just contact us and we will arrange something and your absence will be alright. If you take a vacation for 1 or 2 months, we can pull you and you won't have to pay. Please realize that you pay by the month, not the day. So if your child is gone for 1 week, you still have to pay as if he/she did because they attended sometime during the month. If you don't understand or are having trouble contacting us, please come visit us and we can talk face to face.

**Our closing times can be found above**