Polluted Accident

BY: L.J. Griffin 4/29

A Dead Earth

Why is the world so polluted with all this trash and gas? There are seven types of pollution. Air,air pollution is exhaust fumes from vehicles which harms our air. Land pollution people litter which is found on sidewalks and on the side of roads especially with all the radiation in the world it makes it even worse. Light pollution is really used the most this I think is one of the worst pollution there can be. I didn't even know there was a such thing but there is. Thermal pollution is also the warm water in lakes its not just naturally warm that comes from manufacturing.

Humans Help The Earth

Everyone just treat the earth like a piece of trash. The world gets ruined by doing everyday things but us people can change that. We can change the way we do things instead of driving a gas powered vehicle try a bike. The water usage you people take to long of a shower five minutes is all you need. I know this sounds go back to where there weren't washers and dryers us a drying rack. What were you people doing before we didn't have electricity? Why you people wash dishes with your hands? We would have more water if we just used less water don't use a dish washer you lazy people that's what's wrong with the world now.

Humans In Need

Afghanistan,Ethiopia,Cambodia,Haiti,Ghana,India,Bang ladesh these are all countries in need of water. Only 13% of Afghanistan has clean water that means on 86% of this country has dirty water. Africa is a bid one that's a country I've heard of that's been in need of many things. Only 11% of there country has clean water thats less than Afghanistan. Now this has been heard about all around the world Flint. Flints water has laced led inside of it to try and fix that problem they put chlorine in it. Which made it a bigger problem in was always told not to drink chlorine water.






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