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Fort McMurray Ukrainian Culture Society & Avrora Dance Group

Picture Day

Hello everyone,

March 17th is our picture day for all the Dancers. Listed below are the times the children should be there for their pictures as well as attend their regular dance practice.

Please have their hair tied back and if possible in a braid (not required). Make up is optional. Please have dancers dressed and ready at the appropriate time.





7:30pm~Veselka (you will be given a bit of time to change and get ready right after practice)

Pricing (all prices include GST)

Full Package:$31.50:



*4-wallet size

*1-5x7 group shot

Small Package: $24.15 :


*1-5x7 group shot

Plus extra prints avaliable:

8x10 individual shot $21.00

8x10 club group shot $21.00 (to be taken at Spring Concert)

5x7 individual shot $15.75

4 wallet size shots $ 15.75

Their will be lots of different items for you to purchase with your childs picture on it. Samples will be set up outside of the room for your viewing.

*payment by cash, cheque, or credit card will be accept at the time of ordering.


St Paul, Alberta~ April 26th, 2014

If you have not already done so can you please contact Brenda Muir and let her know if you will be attending this years competition. When you are replying to her please let her know if you will require bussing and how many of your family members will be on it. This needs to be done within the next couple days please. We also need to know how many nights you would be staying and needing a hotel room. Keep in mind unless you are a dancer for Lastivka, or Avrora the club will only be paying for the Friday night hotel.

We have 2 options so depending on the numbers we will A: Be getting a bus which will leave April 25th & will be returning after Veselka dances on the 26th at approximately 5pm. Or if we do not have enough interest in the bus everyone will be responsible for their own transportation.

At this time Lastivka & Avrora will be responsible for their own transportation however the club will pay for your second night hotel.

Schedule: Saturday, April 26th, 2014





4:00pm~ Veselka

6:30pm & 7:30pm~Avrora

Fort McMurray Ukrainian Culture Society

Contact: President~Brenda Muir

Vice President~Clarissa Vargo:, 780-881-8846

~Verylane Flett:, 780-792-9786

Spring Concert

Saturday, May 10th, 2pm

Keyano College recitial theatre, Franklin Avenue, Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

More details will be sent out closer to the date.