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To showcase their reporting skills, Minarets Press journalists reported on specific events happening at the Minarets High School Showcase on Oct. 17, 2019. All the articles have been compiled into our special edition newsletter.

Congratulations everyone on a fantastic Showcase!

The Absolute Value of Math

Many people think that math is boring, or confusing, or just all around not a good experience, but at Minarets’ annual Showcase Night, math teacher Sean Hileman turned that completely on its head.

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Actors in Action: Drama Showcase

Drama students had an eventful showcase in room 611 as they showed off a variety of their drama skills.

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Capturing the Mustang Minute for Showcase

Minarets Media students filled the Media Lounge on Oct. 17. 2019 to showcase the Mustang Minute, which is a video project done by the students to update the school on various events.

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Collaboration is Key in the Art Showcase

Fall Showcase brings out many cool projects being showcased and created. The Art class showcase this year was "Reach For The Stars", a collaborative project.

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How Do Parents Know What They Know?

To educate parents on important current events and issues history teacher, Bob Kelly, encouraged many of his students to participate in classroom showcase.

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Key Club Gives Back on Showcase

Key Club supports UNICEF each year by selling Boo Grams and members were out on Octo. 17, 2019 selling Boo Grams to students, parents, and community members.

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Music of Our Lives

Every year, the music department fills the air with music and performs live at Showcase, demonstrating the best of their abilities and their skills and passions.

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Showcasing the Future of Farming

The Ag Department showcased a wide variety of student activities from classes to career development event teams at the 2019 Fall Showcase.

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Showcasing IT/Game Design

At Minarets, we don’t settle for a simple back-to-school night. Instead, we have a showcase, which is an opportunity for teachers and students to show off their projects and skills to parents.

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You Be the Judge: Minarets Students Hold Mock Trial

Over sixty parents and students were eyewitnesses to this year’s mock trial held by English teacher, Michael Vaughan.

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World and US History Showcase

Showcase night is a very special night for the Minarets community. On showcase night, teachers allow students to either present or hold such things as mock trials to show their parents what they are both learning and doing in school.

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