Imagine Dragons Biography

By Trenton Funk

The breakthrough band of 2013

Imagine Dragons is a band that was made in 2004 and has made several top hits.
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The band Formed in Provo Utah before their released a single song. They moved to Las Vegas in 2004 and released their first hit, they continued releasing songs and in 2013 they were declared Breakthrough Band of the Year By Rolling Stones. The reason that they started is they wanted to make some money and they wanted to be a band but did not know what type.
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Musical Accomplishments

They were able to release their first song on a holiday. They've released 29 total songs and have gone on a world tour for most of them. When they Signed with Interscope Records they got a new musician to work with Alex Da Kid. They started off strong in 2004 and with their first song "It's Time" and began their road to stardom.
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Song Lyrics from I'm Never Changing Who I Am


They were named the "Favorite Alternative Artist" and they won a Grammy Award. They were also named the breakthrough band of 2013 they also won a World Music Award.
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Winding Down

They are now in Las Vegas Nevada preparing their Newest album which will come out in 2016