what is a chef


what is a chef ?

A chef is someone that is specially trained to prepare and cook food. A chef thinks of ingredients to use in dishes to make the food look and taste pleasing. A chef doesn't just cook the food, he or she will go out and find the the ingredients to create healthy and delicious food. Then, they taste their creations and if its good they serve it.
They also serve food some times and they make recipes from all over the world and they take recipes from there families some cooks are mangers and some are not they also hire people they clean up after they clean.they are sometimes not clean they also sometimes don't have clean restaurants.But most of them do.

why I like cooking

I like to cook because I like getting messy.I like eating.I like decorating the plate. I also like spending time in the kitchen with my family. I also like to think what I'm going to make.I like to think what the ingredients are.
The collage I'm going to is le cordon bleu a famous collage for people who want to cook.