10 Points of a Good Presentation

By: Ross Roll

Include a case study reference

If you are a vendor/retailer make sure to include at least one customer reference to prove the point of what you are talking about instead of your audience just having to either take your word for what you are saying or otherwise completely disregarding your statements.

Avoid delivering a sales pitch

During your presentation try to avoid making a sales pitch. Make your presentation more about informing the high points of your business as well as the low points, but how you will counteract those low points. This makes you appear professional and prepared for most of the tings to come with your business.

Continually highlight the top 3 "Take-aways"

At the beginning of your presentation try to highlight the 3 things you want your audience to take away from your presentation, and make sure that your presentation clearly and noticeably highlights those points throughout.

Reference the work of TM Forum as appropriate

To deliver real business value, show how the work of TM Forum is being used by service providers. Try not to assume that your audience automatically knows where TM Forum work has helped/supported your work.

Differentiate yourself

Making sure your presentation clearly addresses what makes your presentation/business different from other speakers and businesses is very crucial to acquiring potential investors and opportunities to further your business success.

Include an Agenda slide

Make what you are trying to cover in the presentation very clear, and refer to it as often as possible as you progress through your presentation so that your audience doesn't lose sight of what you are explaining to them.

Use builds to make your story/business more interesting and progressive

By avoiding overly complex graphics that may be difficult to follow simplify your presentation, which in turn makes it easier for your target audience to understand and comprehend what you are trying to get across to them.

Limit the amount of text on each slide

Stressing key messages on certain slides to compliment your discussion points is a great way to reach your audience and further explain things that might be misconstrued.

Manage the amount of time you spend on introductions

Managing your time of your presentation will allow you to spend more time on discussing the key points of your presentation

Practice your presentation delivery

A 25 minute presentation is about 15 slides plus time for questions at the end. Be sure to to stay within your allotted time, making sure to leave time for questions at the end.