Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Humanities Assessment ~ S.H.E.E.P.T


Ha Long Bay, located in the north of Vietnam brings tourists all around the world to see the beautiful scenery. With over 2000 limestone rocks, Ha Long Bay is the perfect destination for your next holiday!

Best of Halong Bay, Vietnam with video and photos


With Ha Long Bay being a heritage listed site many tourists come to Vietnam to see the wondrous caves and limestone rocks. With the Vietnamese inhabitants surviving on tourism, there is no better way to check out the culture of Vietnam.

The people in Ha Long Bay live on the water, setting up small villages that are anchored near the caves. Many tourists come past these villages with such fascination and curiosity that they like to stop and observe.

If the rocks weren't made of limestone, what it cause this much tourism?

What if there was no Ha Long Bay to begin with? Would their be any tourism at all?


During the Vietnam War, many of the channels in Ha Long Bay was heavily mined by the US Navy. This caused many ships to sink and many people died.

If it weren't for the tectonic plates, what would Ha Long Bay even be like?

Would there even be a Ha Long Bay?

What if there was more damage done, would Ha Long Bay be what it is today?


Vietnam being warm, hot and sticky, Ha Long Bay is perfect for a little bit of water! With its tremendous caves that you can walk along you can almost here the water trickle down from the icicles from above. Some rocks even have vegetation on top that monkey's live in. Ha Long Bay is surrounded by water, and rocky terrain.

What made vegetation grow on top of the rocks?

How did the caves form?

Why is it that there is vegetation on rocks?


Fishing villages are very big in Ha Long Bay; in fact that is how they make most of their money, by selling fish and pearls. Pearl fishing is the economic trade of Ha Long Bay, not only do they live off tourism for money and to live.

What would happen if the people of Ha Long Bay didn't have anymore pearls to sell?

What if tourism dies down? What would they do for survival?

In conclusion, the people of Ha Long Bay rely a lot on tourism and the fishing industry to survive, if it weren't for Ha Long Bay most of them wouldn't be able to survive a couple days.