Kitchen Saftey By Kyera Turner

Cook with care,Well done not rare

Be one of the best cooks in the city.

This is a good place to cool and cook SAFELY because unlike others places we keep cross contamination away and we wash our hands after everything that we do.

Be the first or heck the last we treat you all the same

We make sure you are well taken care and your foods. The foods you cook is in there own containers and is welly taken care of you will learn how to cook your own foods and be clean and SANITIZED with them also you will also learn how to not cross-contaminate others foods. You will also learn how to keep cleaning materials in there own spaces. Also you will be able to tell rat poison from salt or a cup of bleach from a cup of water.

Some things to keep put of reach of children so they don't think its something else.

If you do these things you should be okay NO WAIT you need to do one more thing READ BELLOW.

DONT cook food half way

parasites can be still in your foods if you don't cook them good and if you over cook them they might not taste that good. WELL THAT'S ALL FOR MY FLYER THANKS FOR READING AND REMEMBER ...

Be careful, safety isn't just a slogan its a way of life.