Team 13 Times

Friday, March 18, 2016

The Pennridge District's Art Show

This Sunday at our Pennridge High School, the district's art show will be displayed. Congratulations to: Jamie, Joy, Anya, Grace, Casey, Mackenzie and Elizabeth who will all have their artwork on display. You may visit the showing between 1-3 pm. We have a wealth of artisitic talent in room must have been difficult for Mrs. Brun to choose!

Pi Day

Students learned about Pi on Monday, a.k.a. "National Pi Day". After reading Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi, we explored caluculating the circumference of different circular objects we had in our classroom. Then we explored how the area of a circle would be found. Since this involves the formula a=3.14 x radius squared, it tied right in to our word of the week, "square number".

Later in the week, we made "cootie catchers" that use the square root symbol and show factors squared to help reinforce our square number fact fluency.

Dates To Remember

  • Sunday, March 20th, The Pennridge District Art Show
  • Wednesday, March 23rd, Unit 7 Math Assessment
  • BOOK ORDERS DUE: Thursday, March 24th
  • Thursday, March 24th, Talking Walls, skills checks
  • Optimistic PROUD assembly, Thursday, March 24th (letters were sent home to our yellow Paw recipients)
  • Family BINGO at Penn Central, 5:30 dinner, 6:45 BINGO begins