4A News

September 19, 2016

Class Updates

I am looking forward to another fabulous week in fourth grade! We are continuing to get settled into weekly reading responses and the new spelling curriculum. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Overview of Curriculum

Reading: Using Lead 21 curriculum, we will be practicing monitoring comprehension strategies. The theme for this unit is using the Earth's natural resources. Students will continue to reading independent reading books after school. My hope is that they are reading the same book at school as they read at home.

Math: We will be reviewing chapter 1 (Place value) and testing on Tuesday. Look for math portfolios on Wednesday.

Science: We are learning the scientific process.

This week we week are looking at spelling patterns with long /i/.
We will also be reviewing using topic sentences in our writing.


Reading: read 20 minutes every night and the weekly reading response:
  • 3 paragraph letter to monitor comprehension
  • Look for the rubric in their binders for grading requirements
  • Most drafting work will be done in class
Math: Review chapter 1 concepts and test on Tuesday. Chapter 2 practice page (Thursday Night)