Oral health

have healthy teeth

tips on brushing your teeth

Tip#1 Get your toothbrush and get your toothpaste.

Tip#2 Take the cap of the toothpaste and squeeze a pea size amount.

Tip#3 Now start brushing your teeth make sure you brush your teeth in circles.

Tip#4 Now you spit out the toothpaste after 2 minutes.

Tip#5 Now rinse your mouth after you spit out you toothpaste.

Now you have clean teeth!

Why our teeth are important

Our teeth are important because they help us chew our food. If we didn't have teeth we wouldn't be able to eat.

clean teeth!

garunteed to to make your teeth clean

have a healthy smile

If you brush your teeth two times a day you will have a beautiful smile!

foods we should eat and foods we shouldn't eat

Fruits and vegetables are our everyday healthy foods which is good for our teeth and body. Having unhealthy foods that have lots of sugar can cause cavities, plaque and bad breath. These are some examples of sometimes foods and everyday foods.

Example: chips, cookies, candies these are some of the sometimes foods.

Example: apple, chicken, carrots these are some everyday foods that we eat.

always floss your teeth

Tip#1 First get your dental floss if you don't know how to floss or its hard to floss your teeth ask your mom or dad to help you.

Tip#2 Rap your dental floss around two of your fingers.

Tip#3 Now start flossing make sure you floss all of your teeth top and bottom also make sure that you go in and out so all the plaque hidden in between your teeth can come out.

Now you know how to floss your teeth!


Tip#1 First you take your mouthwash and pour a little bit in a cup.

Tip#2 Next you gargle the mouthwash for 40 seconds.

Tip#3 Finally you spit out your mouthwash and rinse your mouth.

why you should brush your tongue

The reason why we should brush our tongue is because your breath will smell bad.
Colgate: How To Have A Bright Smile!