bill of rights project

all the amendments

first amendment

the congress should not say what religion to be from.

second amendment

militia was necessary for the security of the people rights cant or should't be infringed

third amendment

no soldiers should be put in a strangers if it a manner to prescibed by law.


fourth amendment

the people right has to be secure.

fifth amendment

no one should be acused for something big unless it is put into a grand jury qand can't be compeled in any criminal case with a witness.

sixed amendment

the acused should have the right to ask for a public trial if in a criminal prosucution. the state cannot keep a trial on for years and years. the accused has the right for a lawyer/attorney.

seventh amendment

jury can settle a civil case people have the right of trial by a jury. the value in controversy should increase twenty dollars.

eighth amendment

to much bail should not be required. nor to much fines imposed . nor bad and unusual punishiments given.

nighth amendment

there is more rights beyond the list. non of the right can be taken away by the government even if they are made here or not

tenth amendment

the powers not mentioned to the united states by the constitution. the states have the power.