American Hunger

Book Report

Donald Ward

Mrs. Knebel.
English 1-7
December 13, 2012

American Hunger Book Review

American hunger begins when African-American Richard Wright moves from the South of the United States, to Chicago. He moves in with his Aunt, and gets a job working for a Jewish man whom he doesn't trust; because of past experiences with white men. He eventually quits his job and moves from job to job. He is shown to have a fascination for books, as well as a talent for journalism. Soon he becomes a Member of the Communist Party, where he is soon treated as an outsider, because of his love for knowledge. Many small events will lead to him being kicked out of the Communist Party. He is saddened by the fact that the Communist Members-who he has grow to love-have removed him from the Party because of his love for knowledge. Shunned by the ones he loves, he begins to write his accounts about life in a world where the African Americans-while free-are still hated; and treated like trash.