Act Strategies

3 General Stratergies & 9 Test-specific Stategies

Guessing Strategies

Answer the questions you know how to do, then you guess on the ones you don't know. Always guess the same answer on every question; if you pick "c" you will get majority of the answers right by guessing.

Skipping Strategies

When you do the skipping strategies you don't just skip over all the questions. You skip over the hard questions you don't know how to do, because you don't want to waste your time on one question.

Annotating Strategies

When you annotate on a test, you draw and write helpful notes and important facts or information found in the text you read. You can annotate on the reading and science test. It helps you out very much. When u practice annotating it takes a while to get good at it and you will get faster and faster as you go.

9 Test-Specific Strategies


1. Chunk the word problems

2. Do the easiest problems first. Don't stay on a problem that you are stuck on.

3. Pace yourself, don't rush . Read the entire question and pay attention to the details.


1. Don’t get caught up in fancy scientific jargon. Put the questions and answers in your own words.

2. Do what you know first, and skip or guess if necessary. Hint: Questions are often in order of increasing difficulty.

3. Perform rough calculations. If you have to bust out your math skills, just do a quick estimate calculation. You have four choices in front of you. No exact number needed!


1. Always read the question first.

2.Make sure understand exactly what each questions is asking.


1. Skim through the passage before you answer the questions.

2. Avoid being influenced by the answer choices