Grizzly Growl

October 1, 2023

Update From Mr. Ruthford

Mobile Dental Clinic

The Mobile Dental Clinic will visit Fairhaven on November 17th. Forms to receive a check-up are in the office.

Attendance Phone: 360-647-6876

You can call the attendance line directly. Messages are picked up promptly.

Computer Usage Agreement

Where to locate the computer usage agreement…


Click here to see our GRRR list for September!


Volunteer opportunities are available. A helper is needed 11/17 for the mobile dental clinic--probably for a few hours. To volunteer, please fill out the district volunteer form.

Cell Phones, Ear Buds, and Nintendo Switches…Oh My!

Since our return from the pandemic, we have noticed a significant change in students’ use and reliance on personal electronics. Recently the US Surgeon General published a report on the harmful impacts of social media on the developing adolescent. We have discussed these concerns and this year our school is returning to the personal electronics policy that existed prior to the pandemic. This means that personal electronics (cell phones, ear buds/headphones, gaming systems, etc.) will need to be turned off and away from 9:15 to 3:45—including lunches. We have land-line phones available for students to use with permission in many places around the building, including the front office. We can also help relay messages to students from family by calling our office at 360-650-6450. Students who are unable to keep their electronics off and away will be asked to turn in their device to the front office to be picked up after school. Please reach out with any questions or concerns—we are here to help and see that our students will benefit from having breaks from their electronic devices and social media.

Fairhaven Personal Electronics Policy:

  • Students are encouraged to leave cell phones and other expensive personal belongings at home, as they are easily lost or stolen. Students who do bring these items to school are encouraged to store them in their locker (lockers are not shared and they should keep their locker combination private). The Bellingham School District and Fairhaven Middle School are not responsible for lost or stolen personal electronic devices (cell phones, portable music players, digital cameras, laptop computers, etc.).

  • Personal media and electronic devices such as tablets, cell phones, gaming devices, headphones, are to remain off and put away during the school day, including lunch time, from 9:15 AM-3:45 PM on full school days or 9:15 AM-1:15 PM on Early Release days. Student educational technology needs will be provided for by the school district. Students may ask permission to use the office or classroom phone. Speakers are to stay at home and are not allowed at school or on the school bus. If an electronic device is turned into the office it will be available for pick up at 3:45 and may need to be picked up by a parent/guardian. For more information about our district telecommunications guidelines, please visit:

  • Link to the US Surgeon General’s 2023 Report on Social Media and Youth Mental Heath and other resources HERE